Pricing & Turnaround

Our current production times are an estimated average of 10 – 30 business days depending on packaging type, order size, and the time of the year. Having greater customization with more additional processes on your custom packaging generally yields slightly longer production times.

Yes, we do! High-quantity orders generally net a lower cost-per-unit (higher quantity = bulk savings) on all of our packaging orders.

Here are some of the choices that may affect the price of your packaging:

– Size (larger packaging requires more sheets of material to be used)
– Quantity (ordering higher quantities will net you a lower cost per unit)
– Material (premium materials will cost more)
– Additional processes (additional processes require extra work)
– Finish (premium finishes will cost more)

We currently do not display the shipping costs on our website, as costs may vary depending on individual needs and specifications. However, shipping estimates can be provided to you by our Sales during your consultation stage.

No – the price of your packaging is not affected by the number of colors you use if you are printing with CMYK, so use every color of the rainbow if you’d like!

However, if your artwork requires PMS (PANTONE® Matching System) colors, additional charges will apply for each PMS color you choose to use.

Rush orders may be available depending on seasonality and packaging capacities. Speak to our Sales to check for our current availability.

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