Vinyl Record Print and Packaging Options
TST Innoprint is your one stop source for all things vinyl and the printed materials that go with : vinyl record jacket, center labels, insert/poster, download cards, booklets, marketing stickers, etc.

Are you a fans of vinyl records?
With the retro cover and packaging, vinyl fans are back to the initial feeling of being touched. Now TST Innoprint can satisfy all vinyl fans to complete this dream!

Your Custom Vinyl Record Packaging
If you have a unique idea of how you want to construct your next vinyl record packaging, we can make it happen. We excel at all things custom.

Best Choice at The Best Place
At TSTINNOPRINT, we produce everything in Taiwan to ensure the lower cost for production at the highest quality. We have a very competitive price for Vinyl Record/ CDs / DVDs and extensive packaging choices, at the same time we absolutely guarantee the quality of our products.