Enhance the Joy of Giving with Custom Gift Boxes
Celebrate occasions with a classic custom gift box, made with the utmost care and the best quality we offer. Design & personalize your own memorable box solution with us.

Explore popular gift box packaging
Everyone enjoys giving gifts just as much as they enjoy receiving them. Create something special for your custom size gift boxes with our consultation services. TSTINNOPRINT also provides a full selection of custom gift packaging with high-quality printing and structural integrity. From birthdays to weddings, you can create a box for any occasion you need for your business.

Options & Materials
Personalize your gift boxes with our options and materials



Special DIC Colors


Pantone Metallic

Standardized metallic color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.



Standardized color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.


Digital Print

Low volume printing option with relatively low set-up costs.


Window Patching

Special technique with a transparent plastic film covering the cut-out.


Window Cut-Out

Special process where a cut-out is created on the packaging surface.


UV Coating

UV-cured ink allowing for spot and flood applications.


Food Grade Coating

Ink coating that protects the interior of the box for food-safe applications.


Satin Varnish

Inexpensive option that coats and adds surface protection.


AQ Coating

Water-based coating that creates a soft semi-gloss surface.



White paperboard coated on both sides.


Corrugated Paper

Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy material that consists of fluted sheets.



White paperboard coated on 1 side.

Elegantly Designed Gift Packaging

The aesthetics of any gift packaging can either elevate a person’s excitement or hinder it. This means that you have to make every detail count! No one wants to receive a custom printed gift box with poor quality printing. People also don’t want to open a luxury gift box that is beautiful on the outside, but not strong enough to keep your items protected. With TSTINNOPRINT, you can have the best of both worlds. We provide strong structural solutions for your gift boxes using reliable packaging materials.

Perfect for Any Occasion
Gift box packaging is highly versatile. There are many reasons why we celebrate different events, and we need packaging for that. Whether it’s a birthday gift box or a wedding gift box, we can help you customize your box until you are satisfied.

Luxury Gift Boxes
High-end gift boxes are great options when you want to add extra value to your products. These boxes are made perfectly for displaying premium items in secure designs like luxury magnetic gift boxes.