Custom Paperboard Boxes & Folding Carton Boxes

Showcase any product with flexible custom printed folding carton packaging and paperboard boxes. We create a variety of reliable box solutions to fit your needs!

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What is paperboard?
Paperboard (also known as folding carton) is an excellent cost-effective, and consumer-friendly option for packaging a variety of products. Folding carton boxes are very flexible and compatible with many printing options and new processes. Here at TSTINNOPRINT, we can provide several customizable paperboard box materials such as white paperboard, kraft, food-grade, CCNB, and SBS paperboard.

Explore by paperboard & folding carton box styles
Our wide selection of popular paperboard box styles

Folding Carton Material & Options

Our curated list of materials and finishes available to everyone


AQ Coating

Water-based coating that creates a soft semi-gloss surface.



White paperboard coated on 1 side.



White paperboard coated on both sides.


Corrugated Paper

Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy material that consists of fluted sheets.



Special DIC Colors


Digital Print

Low volume printing option with relatively low set-up costs.


Food Grade Coating

Ink coating that protects the interior of the box for food-safe applications.



Standardized color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.


Pantone Metallic

Standardized metallic color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.


Satin Varnish

Inexpensive option that coats and adds surface protection.


UV Coating

UV-cured ink allowing for spot and flood applications.


Window Cut-Out

Special process where a cut-out is created on the packaging surface.


Window Patching

Special technique with a transparent plastic film covering the cut-out.

Paperboard in any shape, size and color

TSTINNOPRINT is the go-to folding carton manufacturer that consistently produces professionally made foldable boxes with overwhelming results. We have curated a list of box styles and options so that you don’t have to look elsewhere to find what you want. We turn your packaging ideas into reality!

Designed to achieve brand goals
We know how important packaging is to our customers, that’s why we designed our services and capabilities around the most common problems they run into, how to achieve their brand goals effectively. TSTINNOPRINT has made it easier for businesses to get packaging the way they want by summarizing the entire packaging industry and providing expert service and support when they need it!

Quality custom folding cartons
Our ISO 9001 facilities ensure that the highest quality management system is being followed in order to deliver superior folding carton packaging quality to our customers consistently. We want to ensure that your customers get the best packaging quality so that your overall brand image is positive. We value your customers just as much as you do, and seeing you succeed is a great sign that we have succeeded.