TSTINNOPRINT pays attention to environmental protection, not only providing green products to customers, but also saving energy through the integration of production processes.

Contribute to environmental protection
We hope to work with you to create an ideal packaging box, but also to do something meaningful for the earth. When selecting packaging materials, we try to choose reusable and recyclable materials as much as possible. Let us work together The ecological environment becomes better and the awareness of environmental protection is spread.

FSC certification
It is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization established to promote sustainable management of the world’s forests. FSC’s wood products (including paper) are “forest-friendly” products.

Spread environmental awareness
We first recommend the use of environmentally friendly materials and explain their meaning to customers and how to do it, so that your packaging and packaging are not only beautiful and practical, but also silently paying for the earth and creating a good image of your brand.