Custom Box Inserts
Showcase your products in style with one of our protective custom inserts. We offer the highest quality solutions at the most affordable costs.

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Find the Best Fit
Don’t just settle for regular packaging inserts. Explore our options and pick the best material that applies to your products. At TSTINNOPRINT, we offer professionally engineered inserts which are precisely made by measuring the size and shape of your products. Our packaging inserts are made according to your specific packaging needs!

Foam Inserts

Lightweight and durable inserts with high-impact resistance. Perfect choice for fragile items or luxurious feel.
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Cardboard Inserts

Paperboard or corrugated packaging inserts made for versatile printing capabilities. A cost effective solution.
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Plastic Tray Inserts

For detailed thermoformed molds to hold your products snugly. Commonly used for food and medical products.
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Material & Options
Personalize your custom inserts with our options and materials



Fiber powder applied to any surface allowing for a soft velvety touch.



Lightweight polyethylene teraphthalate-glycol. Food & medical safe.


PE Foam

Commonly used for larger industrial equipment.



High-impact polystyrene with excellent rigidity and versatility.



Chemical and corrosion resistant poly-vinyl chloride.


PU Foam

Soft-to-touch with excellent protective qualities, often used for smaller products.


EVA Foam

High-density froam allowing for applications including lamination, and die-cutting.



Varying range of detail and definition.


Egg Crate Foam

Greatest protective qualities with superb resistance against rough shipping.

Packaging Inserts Made for
Boxes of
Any Shape and Size
We want your packaging to capture the attention of your customers while providing an excellent source of strength and durability for your product’s safety. TSTINNOPRINT ensures that your products are measured and fitted with high-quality materials to provide perfect cushioning as well as impactful aesthetics when presenting your products.

Exceptional protective packaging
Our custom packaging inserts are meticulously-crafted and engineered to protect your products from bumps and bruises. We make no compromises on fit, material or quality, and only focus on providing your customer with the best unboxing experience.

Inserts tailored to your products
Our professional in-house structural designers make sure that all your products are packaged safely with the best sustainable practices. Our experts optimize material usage to help reduce costs without compromising the safety of your products.