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A die-line serves as a blueprint that ensures the correct layout for artwork designs on your packaging. It is essential to the cutting and creasing process as it gives our machines the appropriate information to precisely cut and fold areas of your packaging. Die-lines play a crucial role in the production process of your packaging as it is the only acceptable format recognized by printers and die-cutting machines for manufacturing.

Die-lines includes information such as;
Fold lines – lines that indicate where your packaging should be folded to construct your packaging.
Cut lines – lines that indicate where the die-cutting machine should cut to create your packaging
Bleed lines – lines that mark excess space to account for any movement of the substrate during printing.
Safety lines – lines that communicate to the printer to establish where important elements (such as logos and artwork) will be present on your packaging.

At TSTINNOPRINT, an additional process refers to a special finishing that can be applied to your packaging.
Additional processes are all subject to additional fees.

Some of our additional processes include:
Window patching
Embossing / debossing
Foil stamping
Spot UV
Special die-cut
Pantone printing

We want to accommodate your needs as best as we can! Therefore we offer a few easy ways for you to request a quote from us.

Contacting us directly
During offline hours, you may request a quote using our other methods, and our sales representative will get back to you the next business day.

1. Call our phone at +886-2244-6868
2. Send an email to

Digital Print

Digital printed packaging is created using a digital printer to print directly on the material, similar to how a desktop inkjet printer would print on paper (but on a larger scale).
– Lower print quality than offset printing.
– It does not require an additional tooling fee, making it more affordable for smaller quantity orders.

Offset Print

Offset printing uses metal plates to layer color in succession, offering superior image quality and greater cost-efficiency for larger volume production runs.
– Highest print quality.
– Recommended for high quantity orders due to additional tooling/setup fee

Unfortunately, we must receive full payment into our system before we can begin your mass production.

In some circumstances, split payments can be arranged with your product specialist when ordering large volume orders that require the orders to be split into batches; however, payments must still be made for each batch before it can move into production.

Of course, you can!