Custom Rigid Boxes and
Luxury Packaging

Dress up your products for the occasion with custom
rigid set up boxes for a high-end unboxing experience.

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Explore all custom rigid box styles
Luxury packaging boxes offer your brand a huge competitive advantage! TSTINNOPRINT has an entire library of high-end custom boxes that can protect your product while adding value to your brand. Our rigid set-up box designs are made with excellent structural integrity and high-quality materials to provide an unmatched unboxing experience. If you’re looking for tailored luxury packaging boxes like rigid setup boxes or rigid packaging for promotional items, we’ve got you covered.

Two Piece Rigid Box

Durable commonly used for heavier products.

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Match / Slide Style Rigid Box

Rigid boxes used for high-end packaging.

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Shoulder /Neck Rigid Box

Custom made to protect your products safely.

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Magnetic Lock Rigid Box

Cardboard made to your products with magnet.

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Lift-off / Detachable Lid Rigid Box

Add more dimension to your packaging.

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Hinged / Flip Lid Rigid Box

Add more dimension to your packaging.

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Partial Cover Rigid Box

Add more dimension to your packaging.

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Options & materials
Explore all our rigid materials & options


AQ Coating

Water-based coating that creates a soft semi-gloss surface.


Satin Varnish

Inexpensive option that coats and adds surface protection.


Food Grade Coating

Ink coating that protects the interior of the box for food-safe applications.


UV Coating

UV-cured ink allowing for spot and flood applications.


Window Cut-Out

Special process where a cut-out is created on the packaging surface.


Window Patching

Special technique with a transparent plastic film covering the cut-out.


Custom Inserts

Precisely engineered custom inserts that protect your products from damage.


Unlimited Paper

Unlimited selection of textured and colored paper for you to choose from.

Beautifully crafted and
solid rigid boxes
Rigid packaging boxes play an integral role in your customer’s decision-making. To help you exceed expectations, we offer luxury packaging made with high-quality materials and endless customization capabilities.

Professionally crafted luxury packaging
Your product is the star of the unboxing experience, but your box also needs to be crafted perfectly to reflect your brand’s quality. Our structural engineers ensure that your custom printed rigid boxes are meticulously measured and tailored to fit your premium products comfortably and safely.

Elegant exterior with a rigid interior
Customizing a high-end box isn’t just about looking good. TSTINNOPRINT strives to produce tear and damage-resistant rigid setup boxes to protect your valuable products from damage. We provide high-quality materials and protective inserts to help ensure your valuable products remain safe and sound when delivered to your customers.