You don’t have to choose which shipping to use when working with TSTINNOPRINT!

Our dedicated product specialists will help manage and plan your entire shipping & logistic strategy to help you save on costs while getting your packaging to your doorstep on time!

However, if you’re still interested in which shipping method to choose, here’s a general breakdown of our shipping options:

Air Shipping (International Manufacturing) 7 business days

Sea Shipping (International Manufacturing) 30 business days

Ground Shipping (Domestic Manufacturing) 7 business days

We currently do not display the shipping costs on our website, as costs may vary depending on individual needs and specifications. However, shipping estimates can be provided to you by our Sales during your consultation stage.

We offer Air, Ground, and Sea shipping depending on the manufacturing origin and destination.

We most definitely can!

Customers often request their shipments to be delivered directly to their fulfillment centers and a smaller quantity to be shipped to other locations. As part of our service, our Sales work closely with our Logistics Team to help schedule and organize your shipments.

Most of our packaging is shipped flat to optimize shipping costs; however it requires minor assembly upon arrival.

Special rigid box structures may need to be shipped in their constructed form as they can’t be flattened due to the nature of the box style.

We aim to package all of our products accordingly and with care to ensure your packaging can withstand the potentially harsh elements of travel and handling.

Yes – As part of our project management, your Sales will update you whenever there are any changes to your order.

When your mass production is complete, you will get a notification that your order is ready to be shipped. You will additionally receive another notification that your order has been picked up and shipped.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a centralized location for customers to collect their boxes personally.

Our packaging is manufactured at facilities locally and internationally and shipped directly to our customers from our facilities.

We ship from Taiwan.

It depends. If all items can be manufactured at a single manufacturing facility, your items will be eligible to be shipped together in one shipment. In the case of multiple types of packaging that cannot be fulfilled within a single manufacturing facility, your items may have to be shipped separately.

Yes – All of our products are available to be shipped both locally and internationally – with limited restrictions.

If your order has not been shipped out yet, you can contact your designated Sales, and they’ll be happy to update the shipping method for the order.

Our product specialists will provide you with new quotes for the updated shipping methods and ensure your order is up to date on our system.

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot ship to P.O. boxes.

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