Custom Cardboard Inserts
Made from corrugated or folding carton board, our cardboard inserts are lightweight, versatile and inexpensive by nature. Explore our styles & start creating your high-quality custom cardboard inserts today!

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Explore popular cardboard insert styles
Cardboard inserts for packaging can also be referred to paperboard or corrugated inserts. Cardboard is a versatile, structurally sound, and cost-effective packaging option for inserts, especially when you want to protect your products from potential damage. Our cardboard inserts are available in different thicknesses, color, material and are all compatible with any printing and special finish.

Options & Materials
Personalize your cardboard inserts with our options and materials



White paperboard coated on both sides.


Corrugated Paper

Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy material that consists of fluted sheets.



White paperboard coated on 1 side.

Maximum Structural Strength from Cardboard Inserts
We understand that your product’s appearance and protection are a high priority. With our well-sourced and carefully designed custom cardboard packaging inserts, we can properly protect your products, helping you maximize your product’s success while saving costs.

Engineered For Superior Fit
Getting your products fitted in your packaging can be harder than you think. Our structural designers ensure that your products are precisely measured before engineering your inserts to ensure the perfect fit!

Unlimited Printing Options
Get an insert custom made and finished for your product to add a little uniqueness. Our cardboard packaging can also be topped with premium finishing options like spot UV, foil stamping, and so much more!