Custom Plastic & Blister Inserts
Plastic trays are a sturdy, lightweight, and inexpensive insert option, form-fitted to keep your products secure and in-place. Create custom thermoformed trays to your liking.

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Explore popular plastic tray insert styles
Plastic tray inserts or thermoformed packaging trays and blister trays serves as a lightweight option that provides protection from all angles. Thermoformed packaging involves a process where plastic is heated to a moldable state to create an insert in the shape of your product. Our custom plastic trays are made in a variety of materials, each with their own strengths.

Outstanding Form Fitting Secure Plastic Insert
Looking for a custom insert that’s completely personalized for your products? Create a custom blister packaging that is heat-resistant and is capable of being formed into any product you have. We also offer this as a cost-effective solution for food and medical purposes.

High-Definition Mold
Our thermoformed plastic packaging can provide 360-degree protection for your products. Plastic film is heated to a high temperature where it becomes malleable and formed to your product or any shape you choose. Blister inserts are extremely light, which can save on shipping costs.

Elevated Experience
With the right combination of materials, print, finishing, and design, we aim to bring every packaging project to perfection, providing your customers with a satisfying, sophisticated, and professional unboxing experience they won’t ever forget. Get thermoformed inserts for an elevated unboxing!