Partial Cover Rigid Boxes
Ensure that your luxury products are securely stored with a friction sealed partial telescope box. We offer professionally made and stylish solutions for your packaging needs!

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Explore all custom partial cover rigid boxes
Partial cover boxes are great options for showing color variation between its two components because the lid can be altered to show more of the box’s base. TSTINNOPRINT offers rigid box designs that are made with high-quality grey board as well as additional details and coatings to make your packaging tear-resistant yet stylish for your product’s needs.

Options & Materials
Our curated list of materials and finishes available to everyone



Special DIC Colors


Pantone Metallic

Standardized metallic color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.



Standardized color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.


Digital Print

Low volume printing option with relatively low set-up costs.


Window Patching

Special technique with a transparent plastic film covering the cut-out.


Window Cut-Out

Special process where a cut-out is created on the packaging surface.


UV Coating

UV-cured ink allowing for spot and flood applications.


Food Grade Coating

Ink coating that protects the interior of the box for food-safe applications.


Satin Varnish

Inexpensive option that coats and adds surface protection.


AQ Coating

Water-based coating that creates a soft semi-gloss surface.

Elegantly store any product with ease
TSTINNOPRINT rigid packaging boxes feature a detachable lid that locks with the aid of friction. Each features a cushion insert for extra reinforcement making these rectangular lid off boxes ideal for delicate products. As the name implies, the boxes can be customized to give partial exposure to the products inside which makes them suitable for those searching for display as well as packaging solutions.

Friction Locked Security
Worried about the lid falling off during transportation? Don’t worry, our partial cover rigid boxes are tightly sealed via air friction which prevents the lid from separating from its base if mishandled or dropped.

Two-Piece Box Printing
You have two pieces to work with which means more opportunity to be creative with the artwork. We provide high-resolution printing quality to ensure that your artwork stays crisp and clean.