Hinged Flip Top Rigid Boxes
Create anticipation with a flip top box that elegantly reveals your products upon opening. TSTINNOPRINT is happy to lend a hand with our team of structural designers and experts.

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Explore all custom hinged flip top rigid boxes
Intricate and beautiful design is an essential aspect to any rigid box. With custom flip top boxes, it’s important that we make your products the focal point of your packaging design. Here at TSTINNOPRINT, we provide professional and durable solutions to support your product’s appearance and quality. We have a full collection to give you an idea of what you can make and how to add extra finesse to your rigid boxes.

Options & Materials
Our curated list of materials and finishes available to everyone

Show-stopping flip top boxes
A flip top box template that is measured with your product specifications and possibly foam inserts is the best way to design a custom rigid box for your brand. We understand that you may also want to incorporate custom textures and additions like a flip top box with magnetic closure. So, in order to satisfy your creative vision, we have a large array of custom coatings, processes, and attachments that are equally as durable as your box solution.re

Multiple Purposes
This hinged box style is highly versatile and can be used for a number of industries. We ensure that one piece boxes like this one are all made with rigid greyboard materials and assembled with care.

Customization Options
We offer lots of custom options for you. If you want magnetic closures, we can easily make a durable magnetic hinged box. Let us know if there are any custom features you’d like to incorporate!